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Éste blog nace como un proyecto de una asignatura "Participación Ciudadana en la Red", y eso es justo lo que quiere reflejar, aquello que se tiene que decir, la cantidad de ideas diferentes que surgen de la voz de la gente, que se comparten, tanto esas ideas como el tiempo que se invierte en ellas, que surgen de las pasiones más cotidianas y que llegan a nosotros a través de un blog para que otras personas puedan disfrutar el cariño que se pone en ellas. Me gustaría que éste espacio fuese una sencila guía para aquellos que, como yo, admiren estos pequeños espacios personales que son los blogs y disfruten aprendiendo con el trabajo de los demás. Bienvenidos.


Participatory journalism

What is participatory journalism?
Citizen journalism also known as “public”, “participatory”, “democratic”,”guerrilla” or “street journalism” is the concept of members of the public playing an active role in the process of collecting, reporting, analyzing and disseminating news and information. The intent of this participation is to provide independent, reliable, accurate, wide-ranging and relevant information that a democracy requires

Definition found on http://www.socialconnectblueprint.com/citizen-journalism-and-social-media-are-driving-the-information-revolution/

In recent times, with the broad development technologies are experiencing, we are entering an era of profound changes in all we know. These changes are affecting our way of life, from food and transport to what's the most basic and specifically human that is the communication between us.

Thus, with the first appearance of the e-mail, to the modern "whats-app", today are a thousand ways to communicate and to share information. This information is therefore increasingly come from more sources. Whereas previously the main source of information was the media as television, radio or newspaper, now the proliferation of possibilities from which we can have information has increased, so by now, many more people are needed to give life to those pathways and information continues to flow, makes sense and is renewed each time faster with what is happening around the world.

Therefore, because many hands are needed to keep information moving from side to side in the world and reaches all, it takes many hands. This work, therefore, no longer require work strictly professional. Citizen participation is the order of the day and is gaining increasing importance in the global news network. For example, the videos posted in the conflicts in Libya or the situation in Japan are most amateur video they want to inform the world what is happening.

There is much controversy between that if participatory journalism is good for professional journalism or not ... My opinion is that both are necessary, one is the voice of the people and the other is the voice of the news itself, and whoever professional journalists will find theyr profession more difficult than few years ago, but therefore, they will be better professionals.

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