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Éste blog nace como un proyecto de una asignatura "Participación Ciudadana en la Red", y eso es justo lo que quiere reflejar, aquello que se tiene que decir, la cantidad de ideas diferentes que surgen de la voz de la gente, que se comparten, tanto esas ideas como el tiempo que se invierte en ellas, que surgen de las pasiones más cotidianas y que llegan a nosotros a través de un blog para que otras personas puedan disfrutar el cariño que se pone en ellas. Me gustaría que éste espacio fuese una sencila guía para aquellos que, como yo, admiren estos pequeños espacios personales que son los blogs y disfruten aprendiendo con el trabajo de los demás. Bienvenidos.


Internet: Tool needed for humanitarian aid.

Internet has successfully created, since its inception, a network that connects all people worldwide. This communication connects all parts of the world where there is a computer (a mobile, a tablet of i-pad ...) and it’s a resource that is increasingly often being used in those foundations in need of humanitarian aid support and funding for their causes.
The most recent example I have observed and the head of this post has been the humanitarian aid that has begun to move after the tsunami in Japan.

 In recent days I have seen events in my social networks for support and financial assistance, e-mails from my personal e-mail to the university, offers of albums sold in Spotify for fundraising and various post displayed in the twitters of humanitarian organizations (Green Peace through twitter is doing a thorough briefing about the nuclear situation) and all this is happening through an electronic medium, and in my opinion would not otherwise so effectively.
On their web page, the Red Cross provides an account number to accept voluntary income to help the victims and the reconstruction of Japan, however it is not necessary to go to the Red Cross because it comes to you through the media that is finding offered by the Internet.

It is curious the broad field of possibilities and benefits of the Internet for this type of purpose. 
I took the Japanese as an example because it was the last thing that happened, but we can find many examples like the earthquake in Haiti. Organizations by appearing on websites and social networks are much more accessible and close to the public so far encourage the participation of it.
We are in an era of vast possibilities for global change that unites us all, this text would highlight the possibility for internet to enhance our humanity.

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